Hello and welcome to TeamCNE! We are excited to share a little bit of our story with you here, and we pray you contact us and ask questions, or sign up for any of the services we provide. We know it will bless you and help you become the best you possible!

“Who are we and from where do we come from?” The most asked question, in some form or another, everywhere we go. Our brief answer…We believe we are a couple placed in a position to affect positive change in the lives of all those we come in contact with. We come from broken relationships to a place of restoration.

“How do you do that?” The obvious next question, right? But it must be answered in two parts. First, to begin to affect positive change in your life, we listen to you. We know that we can’t be of any service to you, if we don’t know you. As Executive Life coaches, we ask you questions that begin to reveal your dreams, hopes and desires. Then, secondly, we offer opportunities to help you move in that direction. Many of us have given up our dreams, hopes and desires due to something broken in our lives. Our goal is to help you restore those dreams, hopes and desires; it is the ‘why’ we do what we do.

Our tagline is #RestoreFaithLead. For us, it means we know there is a process…and in us you will have a committed team to walk with you into, through and out of that process. Our mission is to train, equip and motivate you to rekindle your dreams and goals, strengthen faith in your abilities and lead yourself and others. Whether it be one on one coaching, a group training, a motivational speech or any other way we can add value into your life, we promise you will grow and see positive changes in your personal and professional life.

Thank you for coming by, we pray you are blessed and we look forward to connecting and working with you!

Yours in service,


Chris and Emily

John Maxwell Team certified

I work in the human service field and while it is incredibly fulfilling, it can sometimes also be equally as draining.  I reached out to Chris because I wanted to make progress on my own goals in life just like as my clients are doing with me.  If you desire to grow you need a coach, and in my experience, Chris is one of the best out there!  With thought-provoking questions, he pretty quickly dug under my surface level goals to discover what I was really after; even though I wasn't conscious of it.  Our coaching sessions have primarily focused on spiritual matters and what I have experienced as a result has been incredible.  I love myself which is something I can admit was suffering prior to our first meeting.  I am not only discovering more of who God is but who I am in Him; and that has all been a result of having a coach I can confide in and be vulnerable and honest with without the fear of judgement.  Chris has also been super encouraging and helpful in regard to professional projects I am working on and continues to build me up and edify me with each meeting.  I am truly thankful for his willingness to take this journey with me and for his generous and sincere heart.  I couldn't do this alone.

Alicia Hamilton

Chairman & Founder
Found In Faith Ministries

When Chris and I met some odd years ago, he had started John Maxwell training. Since then, not only has Chris grown into a polished leader in the community, he has taught me life and leadership skills applicable to my daily life. Between the training and mentorship Chris has provided, the way I think and speak to others around me has been life changing. In my walk as a Christian, and in my work life, I'm more confident in my thoughts and am much more aware of how I'm saying things. I've become more intentional in the words I choose to speak and write, as well as then putting them into action. Chris Jordan, thank you for carving time out of your busy life to till, seed and water values that are foundational to a lifestyle of intentional living!! Truly Thankful.

Aleris Cooper

Contract Personal Assistant

Chris! It was an absolute blessing to have met you. I already took your advice, swallowed my pride and confessed to everything I could improve on, even when it hurt through certain responses I got, I kept my cool and offered solutions. The talk went very well and I really think we have an awesome game plan that we can all work together and grow the business. Thank you so much for your wise words!

Andrew Patterson

Athletic Director
Parisi Speed School

I took the "Communicate to Connect" seminar with TeamCNE. It was a great experience. I learned genuine techniques on how to communicate with everyone in my life. This seminar also taught me a lot about myself that I wasn't aware of. I look forward to working with TeamCNE in the future.

Joseph Luht

Supernova Properties, LLC

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